What we do...

There can be no question as the importance our vision has in all aspects of our day to day life. Your sense of sight is beyond value.  The actions of a surgeon can impact on your vision in a number of ways.   Losing even part of your vision is a devastating injury that will affect all aspects of your life. A number of things can cause a negative outcome. Devices fail, inadequate screening allows patients who should never have had surgery to be operated upon; surgeons can err in the performance of the surgery. The failure to fully and properly disclose possible contraindications discovered during screening  prior to surgery can have unfortunate results. Risks and contraindications are unique to each patient, unique to each device being used and each procedure.  Laser surgery, as with all other surgery, has a host of known, possible, complications, these too must have been fully explained prior to surgery, not just as they apply to the general population, but how they apply to YOU. If they were not and you are suffering from them now, you may have the right to sue. Presenting information in a general format (the same informed consent document being given to each patient), when patient-specific information is available, may form the basis for a malpractice action.

At Keith, Shapiro & Ford  we represent those who have been injured unnecessarily by refractive surgery. A recent verdict we received is one of the largest in the Country's history for LASIK surgery and we believe that our focus on the area of ophthalmologic malpractice makes us uniquely qualified to represent clients in this area. Our screening process is rigorous and we will not undertake to represent an individual unless we believe that from both a medical and legal viewpoint malpractice has occurred. If your vision or that of a friend or  loved one has been harmed by the medical negligence of an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or other health care professional, we are here to help you. We can obtain needed medical records. We can review those medical records and advise you whether medical malpractice may have occurred. We can assist you in finding health care providers to review the medical care rendered to determine whether the proper standard of care was met, if medical negligence exists and whether the medical negligence resulted in your injuries. In circumstances where medical negligence exists (and this negligence caused the injuries), we can assist you in trying to obtain a Judgment or favorable settlement.

While nothing can bring back ones sight, we will fight for you and attempt to obtain both justice and a recovery to assist you in caring for your needs. If you believe that we may be able to assist you, please contact us.