Corrective laser eye surgery, which debuted in 1995, is now the most common elective surgical procedure in the United States. LASIK is a highly automated, high volume, outpatient procedure done with minimal anesthesia. In a fast food, disposable, technology driven and managed care controlled society it appeals to patient, surgeon and corporate interests but to each for different reasons.  There will always be some complications (from surgery) but the unique aspects of refractive surgery give rise to a new breed of medical error.

        Refractive surgery  (PRK, LASIK, LTK) is not just an eye  operation, it's now a $2 billion a year business with over a million and a half operations  anticipated in 2001. Operations to correct vision have had a bumpy, overly commercial, history that includes shoddy operators and unproven advertising claims. It has been reduced to being a commodity. It isn't. All refractive surgery is still surgery, notwithstanding the industry's  use of the words "procedure" and "enhancement", and with it comes the risks of surgical error, complications and bad outcomes. 

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We are pleased to have served as counsel to Surgical Eyes, a patient advocacy group for those injured by  refractive surgery and other ocular malpractice. We have an unrivaled depth of experience in the area of LASIK malpractice and we welcome the opportunity to consult with those who believe they are the victims of malpractice, those who feel the outcome of their laser eye surgery is not as promised or those who experience serious vision complications not explained to them prior to surgery. 

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